This past year we have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know the Serrano-Milone family.  There is Elias, Aurore, Maëlle, Gabrielle (Dada) and Joshua.  They are a kind, wonderful family who live in Toulouse, about 3 hours north of us.  We love them and we are hoping they will get to America in the next few years.  We have had many weekends and short trips together.  This past 8 days they came to stay with us in Sanilhac, except for Elias who came for the weekend and then met us at the beach on Wednesday.  We all had so much fun together!  Many hours were spent poolside, at the river, jumping cliffs, watching movies, playing card games, catching frogs and crabs, laughing and laughing for hours!  Many tears were shed as we had to say goodbye!  We feel so blessed and grateful to have met the Serrano-Milone’s! The kids all had control of the camera for 8 days and we have hundreds of photos so I have had to go through all the pictures and try to choose a few for my journaling.

2015-07-14 04.58.13 2015-07-14 20.01.04 2015-07-14 20.01.53 2015-07-14 20.20.56 2015-07-14 20.58.18 2015-07-14 21.00.432015-07-14 21.55.022015-07-14 21.55.062015-07-14 22.05.202015-07-14 23.35.252015-07-14 23.36.082015-07-14 23.37.272015-07-15 00.30.452015-07-15 00.33.562015-07-15 00.35.38-12015-07-15 00.38.332015-07-15 00.43.502015-07-15 08.07.472015-07-15 20.22.422015-07-16 07.34.302015-07-16 07.35.342015-07-18 02.01.322015-07-19 23.02.202015-07-19 23.02.222015-07-20 21.17.052015-07-20 21.21.422015-07-20 22.32.182015-07-21 20.53.372015-07-21 22.41.502015-07-22 03.34.412015-07-22 03.34.472015-07-22 03.38.482015-07-22 03.38.56IMG_8743


2015-07-08 06.13.33

This is what a sign looks like advertising the entrance to a village and/or city.  This is our village sign as we enter Sanilhac from the north, Uzès and Sagries.  On the opposite side is the same sign but with a red slash going through it, meaning one is leaving the village and one is no longer in the village limits.

The yellow D212 marks the route number.  This is always more helpful than the name of the street in France.  Street names are not easily seen or marked here in France.  In big cities, street names are usually found on the building/house where the intersection is made between streets.  Unlike America where we have street signs on almost every corner.

2015-07-08 06.11.23

This is a hiking/biking trail.  They are so helpful and very informative, especially on a long hike/run when you want to know how many km you have left or have completed!

2015-07-08 06.13.25

This is a speed limit post.  This is 70 km/hour.  Speed limits are not enforced in France. Very rarely do you see a police officer stopping a driver for speeding.  Or even a police officer “waiting” with his speed radar.  The french drive so fast on the tiniest of roads.  It can be crazy at times!


Photography by Austin

On May 16th some of us took an evening walk.  I remember Austin bringing the camera because he wanted to capture some of the countryside around our little village.  I just discovered some of his photographs on my desktop and wanted to record them.

I am grateful that some of my children have been able to appreciate the beauty of this country and realize it is not like anything they have ever seen before.  Every place has its’ natural beauty and I am grateful Austin has stopped to enjoy the view!

2015-05-16 05.35.16 2015-05-16 05.35.23 2015-05-16 05.35.37 2015-05-16 05.36.10 2015-05-16 05.36.16 2015-05-16 05.36.51 2015-05-16 05.36.57 2015-05-16 05.37.26 2015-05-16 05.37.57 2015-05-16 05.39.22

Another view of Sanilhac

IMG_2932 IMG_2931

This is another view of Sanilhac from the south side of the village.  Some of our favorite trails converge at this location!  I feel so grateful to have been able to enjoy all 4 seasons here in the south of France.  It is beautiful at any time of the year, but right now it is absolutely lovely!  I took the above photos a few weeks ago and already the vineyards are heavy with green vines, the countryside is greener than I have seen it all year!  Plus, there are wild flowers everywhere!  I am going to have a hard time leaving this place! :(

Morning Runs

I tried to get a few pictures this morning on one of the trails I like to run.  There are so many trails in our area!  I love the topography here.  We have mountains in the distance that we usually can see, beautiful hills covered in vineyards, little villages that pop up around different bends in the road, an ancient roman bridge in the distance, terra cotta tiled roofs, old stone remains throughout the countryside, white horses, sheep grazing in the fields…

IMG_2746 IMG_2748 IMG_2749 IMG_2750 IMG_2751