Parking, the French way!


Our family was in Toulouse this past weekend for the last Stake Super Samedi.  Saturday night Aaron and I went out to dinner with our friends, Elias and Aurore.  We went into centre ville Toulouse.  Parking is always hard to find in France.  I always get a little nervous when it comes to parking.  The French park anywhere and everywhere!  Some parking is paid parking, other spots one just creates and parks.  Elias was driving and he passed this little parking spot in the above photo thinking he could not fit!  After going around the corner he decided to back up (when I say he backed up, I mean he drove in reverse, fast! We found out that someone taking “drivers education” in France has to know how to drive in reverse!)

Elias came upon this very small parking spot and actually got himself to fit.  He only had about 2-3 inches in front and bumper to pole in the back.  His back wheels were up on the curb just a little.  Aaron and I chuckled!  Elias and Aurore did not give it a second thought!


Easter in Toulouse

Friday after all the kids were home from school we loaded up the van and went to Toulouse to visit our friends, the Serrano-Milone’s.  We met them, Elias, Aurore, Maëlle, Gabrielle and Josh, back in October when Elias was visiting our Nîmes Ward.  We have gotten together with them as much as we can being 3 hours away from one another.  All the kids get along so well!  It helps that their two girls are the cutest and sweetest young women in all of France! :)

While we were there, everyone talked, laughed, danced, played hide and seek, watched movies, shopped, went bowling, played football, rope swinging, catching frogs, went to the skate park (for a minute because it started raining), ate yummy homemade food (Aurore made some delicious couscous), watched a little General Conference, made a fort, had an easter egg hunt, and laughed some more!! We had a blast!  This was a nice break from our stressful week with Sophie’s finger!  We were all so occupied with “fun” that I didn’t get too many photos.

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I could not find any plastic easter eggs that are so common in America.  Here in France, most of the chocolate that is for Easter are chocolate eggs.  The best are the Kinder Surprise chocolate.  They are egg shaped hollow chocolate with a cool toy inside.  So, there were no plastic eggs filled with American chocolate or easter candies.  But, it was fun finding the chocolate eggs filled with new surprises!