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This is our friend Marius!  He is the kindest 10 year old boy I have ever met.  Aaron first met Marius at Jack and Sophie’s school.  Marius is responsible for opening the locked gate for those students who ride their bike and need to store his/her bike.  Sophie rode her bike to school one day and Marius helped her get her bike “locked” up.  Since that first meeting many months ago, Marius has met up with our kids at the stade, field, to play a sport, he has come over to our house to hang out with the kids, we see him riding bikes through Sanilhac, we see him at the village events, etc.  Marius always has a huge smile on his face.  He lives right next to the school and he has an older brother, Justin, and a younger brother between Jack and Sophie’s age.  Marius is very polite and very kind.  He always tries to help others if they are hurt or need something.  He adores Sophie and is always looking out for her.  We love Marius and wish we could bring him back to America with us!  We will miss seeing his adorable smile and miss his genuine kindness!