Another view of Sanilhac

IMG_2932 IMG_2931

This is another view of Sanilhac from the south side of the village.  Some of our favorite trails converge at this location!  I feel so grateful to have been able to enjoy all 4 seasons here in the south of France.  It is beautiful at any time of the year, but right now it is absolutely lovely!  I took the above photos a few weeks ago and already the vineyards are heavy with green vines, the countryside is greener than I have seen it all year!  Plus, there are wild flowers everywhere!  I am going to have a hard time leaving this place! :(

La Baume

It is that time of year again when we set out for La Baume!  It is “right in our backyard” with just a few miles of hiking in between.  We all love going down to the river.  The weather is getting warmer but the water is still freezing!  I don’t think the river ever changes temperature.  It has always felt cold, even on the hottest of days!  The kids LOVE the river, especially the three older boys.  We wanted to show Becca one of our favorite spots.  It was a beautiful day for a hike, plus, it helps that the summer crowd hasn’t appeared yet!

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Uzès Spring

Uzès houses the original water source for the ancient Roman aqueduct, The Pont du Gard.  The spring allowed the Romans to get water to Nîmes, about 50 km (31 miles) in the 1st century AD.  This spring is still beautiful and a relaxing park surrounds the original site.  Our family has visited this green space many times and we wanted to show Becca, Alexis’s roommate, while she is visiting with us for a month.

The children brought their soccer ball, volleyballs, etc. along with a blanket and some snacks to chill on a lovely afternoon.  We strolled around the park and I took a few photos. The Alzon river goes through the park and there is a trail that follows its’ winding flow.  AJ, Austin, Jack and I decided to follow a little more of the trail this time.  It was so pretty and peaceful.  We discovered a sheep farmer, plaques that marked the water level of the river at certain years, and tranquility.  It was so relaxing!  Sophie loved watching the ducks swim upriver.  It was a great family day at the park!

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French Geraniums


One of the common “french” traditions that appear everywhere, when the weather is warm, are the beautiful geraniums!  Potted geraniums adorn almost every window you see throughout France!  I decided to give in and get a few for the remaining months we will spend here.  I found a typical red and a bright pink to accent our patio area.  I love looking out into the yard and seeing these vibrant flowers.  I love having annuals potted and I just could not refuse!

IMG_2943 IMG_2944

Wild Aparagus

I am constantly learning new things about the resourcefulness of the French.  One morning, while Aaron and I were hiking, we noticed a couple with a basket in hand “hunting” for something.  Being the outgoing husband that he is, Aaron approached the couple and asked what they were looking for.  They replied, “asparagus”.  Aaron and I looked at each other with smiles on our faces and said, “Really?  That’s so cool!”  This couple handed a small stem to me and we each tasted a small piece.  It was delicious!  I noticed their basket had a lot of asparagus stems inside.  We thanked them for the information and went on our way.

As we were hiking I began to notice a few small stems of asparagus popping up along the trail.  I was so intrigued and happy that we had discovered another way the French love their country and food!

On a different hike a few days later, Aaron and I passed a group of people and one of the men had a small plastic bag filled with wild asparagus!  The asparagus we have seen is not very thick like the stems one finds in the store or market.  They seem to be thin and a little deeper green in color.  I think all the wild asparagus has been picked because I haven’t noticed any along the hiking trails!  (I found this photo online.)