Saying a few goodbyes!

The last few days leading up to our departure we had many friends and visitors stop in and say goodbye.  It was sad as we knew it would be awhile before returning.  Tristan made a lot of wonderful friends this past year and many wanted a few more minutes to spend together.  Our neighbors were so gracious in helping us and sending us off with tears in their eyes.  It was difficult, especially for me!  I will forever be grateful for this past year of growth, trials and amazing opportunities!

IMG_8790 Tristan, Theo et ArnaudIMG_8791 IMG_8793 IMG_8795

Les enfants avec les parents: la mère de Theo et Christophe, le papa d’Arnaud!

DSC_0990 DSC_0991

Caroline, Tristan et Roman.  This is the kindest family!  Caroline had many struggles this past year and she was always making sure we felt welcomed!  Roman’s brother was in Jack and Sophie’s school and always said hello.

!IMG_8798 IMG_8816IMG_8818

Darcie, Thomas, Guillaume, Morgan et Themis.  We were so touched when our neighbors, Thomas and Guillaume were sobbing as we were leaving.  It was so hard for us to get in the car and drive away!  We made lifelong friends this past year that have influenced us for good!

Our last visit to Uzès!

A few days before leaving France, Aaron, Sophie and I went to Uzès for the last time.  I wanted to pick up some fabric and a few other odds and ends before heading back to the States.  We casually walked around and I tried to soak it all in, knowing it would be awhile before visiting Uzès again.  I found the things I wanted and then we found Antoines’ partners boulangerie.  It was right in the heart of the centre ville and, of course, we had to try some pastries.  Bien sûr!  The presentation was so pretty and it wasn’t bad on the taste buds.  It was another lovely afternoon in Uzès!

IMG_8771 IMG_8774 IMG_8777 IMG_8779 IMG_8781 IMG_8782 IMG_8783