Simple Treat!

I stumbled upon this the other day in one of the grocery stores:


It “only” cost 1.50 euros per can, which is $1.77 per can!  (I bought 3 cans for our family to share!)  In the States, we are not a big soda drinking family.  I do not care for it and I try not to get it for my kids.  My Dad used to call it “rot gut”!  I personally agree with him!  I never feel good when I drink soda.  But, when you don’t have access to something it seems like the desire is stronger.  Since being in France, there have been a few times when I have said, “I would sure love a root beer”, even though I don’t drink it often in America.  Funny how things work like that!  The above root beer tasted delicious and who knows when I will stumble upon it again.  (Side note:  the French usually do not like root beer.)

I do see Dr. Pepper in the international section of the grocery stores.  I should note, that each grocery store has a small international section divided into countries.  For example, USA and the English are a combined section, Spain, Oriental, Middle Eastern, sometimes African section, etc.  This is where I am able to find French’s yellow mustard.  The French only have dijon mustard, which I love!  They even have a small section for “mexican” food.  It is a mixture of Old El Paso products that do not taste like the same products in the States, but, hey, when we can’t get any Mexican food within hundreds or thousands of miles, we’ll take anything that slightly resembles spicy flavors.  We like the chili tortilla chips, but the salsa here is way to sweet!  We all miss our homemade garden salsa stored away in our cold storage in Utah! :(  If and when Aaron goes back to the States, he will definitely be loading up on salsa!

As a family we find ourselves talking about the food we miss in America.  But, we are also treasuring the delicious food we are partaking of here in France!  Do you ever associate life with food?  Do you ever plan a vacation based upon food?  Our family does!  Just like our trip to Belgium was influenced by food we wanted to try!  What food/foods would you miss if you didn’t live in America for a year or more?

3 thoughts on “Simple Treat!

  1. I think the Vernier family always has associated life with food, don’t you???? I would miss Mexican food the very most. Remember when we moved from Texas to New York and there just was not Mexican available and each time I returned to visit Texas I would take an extra suitcase so I could fill it with tortillas, salsa, green chili salsa, refried beans and seasoning for fajitas?? Your first New York friends’ mothers would call me for my recipe for fajitas after eating with us!! I would also miss BBQ!! Do they have that in France? Gary Scott always has his kids bring Hot Pace Pecante sauce when they visit Colombia, and his favorite Root Beer!! Colombia does not have spicey food like you would think they would. They do have better Coke than the states, Gary Scott says. Glad the A & W was not a disappointment!!

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