Pickles!  This is one product in France that is different than the States that I want to record for my memory.  The taste is a little different due to the way they are preserved.  When you buy a jar of pickles in France you are buying a jar full of flavor!  The pickles are packed with spices and onions.  They are dill pickles with a little bit of sweet!  My kids love these pickles!  I have never seen the “gigantic” pickles here like you would find in any grocery store in America.  You do not find ovals, spears, stackers or other types of pickles, just good gourmet pickles in a jar!  They are the size of gherkins in America.

IMG_2633 IMG_2635

Another awesome characteristic of these pickles is the packaging!  There is a plastic green ring at the bottom of the jar that the pickles sit in and then there is a little handle attached to it so you just lift the pickles out of the liquid and grab one.  No more spoons or forks trying to “fish” out those pickles swimming around in the juice!  It is genius!

One thought on “Pickles

  1. My mouth is watering from the picture!! I love dill pickles and I wonder why US producers have not figured out that packaging genius??

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