Street Cleaners

On our way to church one Sunday morning we came upon this street cleaner:


The roads are not very busy on a Sunday morning and there are usually less pedestrians out and about at the same time.  So, to see this man “washing” the street was not unusual for us.  But, it is not common in the States.  In our little northern Utah community, a street cleaner is a large truck that hugs the curb and clears the debris from the curb.  Also, there is usually some type of water residue left in its path.

Everything about these pictures scream “French”!  The manual process, a man decked out in fluorescent attire, relatively small truck supplying the water…


One thought on “Street Cleaners

  1. That was the beautiful thing about living in Germany. You would see people cleaning their sidewalks with water each morning. Both their residents and their business front sidewalks. Definitely not a US custom.

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