Hello from Zollikofen Switzerland!  The youth in our Toulouse Stake have a temple trip once a year and this week is their week!  We are having a blast!  Even though it is a youth temple trip, many families travel together and other ward members travel together to spend the week doing temple work.  The stake rents a bus and those that want to have that means of transportation (it was a little too pricey for all three of our boys, especially since we were driving too) ride on the bus and everyone else finds a ride.


Our boys have been excited about this trip and Aaron and I did not know what to expect! Many friends told us it was so fun and a great experience!  They were not lying!  Our whole family from Sophie up to Aaron are enjoying every minute.  The youth are divided into groups and they spend the morning hours and into the afternoon doing baptisms for the dead.  When they are not in the Temple they are participating in study groups, firesides, talent shows, testimony meetings, sporting activities, etc.  There are children here for Jack and Sophie to play with and entertain with for hours.  Plus, Aaron and I get to work in the Temple with the youth and help out any way we can, plus we get to attend the Temple too!

IMG_2762 IMG_2765

Aaron and I had plans of taking little day trips to surrounding villages, but we are loving our time with the stake that we haven’t left and we, actually, have not had time to leave. All 3 boys are having a fantastic time!  I will post about our cool, yet humble living quarters and the rest of our experiences when time allows!

IMG_2763 IMG_2761

I don’t think my parents ever thought that they would have grandkids that would visit this Temple and do Temple work when they were sealed here in the early 60’s.  This is so special for our family!

5 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. Memories, memories, memories. True, I never dreamed years ago that my grandchildren would be doing baptisms in the Swiss Temple. Tears of joy fill my eyes. Grandpa is probably there!!!

  2. Hi Darcie, I wonder if you have met my parents in the temple… They are spending the whole month of Feb. there… The Dagostinos
    I love reading your blog. You are really taking advantage of your time there. Marielle has been transfered to Lyon. Lots of love, especially to Sophie and Jack. They prob don’t remember me!!

    • Of course, Jack and Sophie remember “Madame Anne”! I am so sad we didn’t run into your parents! We were there the whole week, mainly in the baptistry. We are always asking the missionaries if they know Marielle. I hope we get to see her before we leave this summer! Gros Bisous!

      • That ‘s too bad… You may have seen them and not even know who they were haha! I hope you get to see Marielle too. She has just been transferred to Lyon, Ecully ward. I bet a lot of the american missionaries don’t know her because she has been in CH this whole time and Americans don’t get to serve there much. I love what you are doing!!! So many great memories for your family!!!

        • Ask Marielle if she knows the Torres family and Jacques Bize (spelling?). We are renting Frere Torres home. They are a very nice older couple. I hear that Ecully area is growing quickly with new members! Also, we have some friends in that area, Judith Richa, who have gone inactive. Maybe Marielle can get in contact with them.:)

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