Vernier, Switzerland

My maiden name is Vernier.  There is a small town outside of Genève that is called Vernier. 22 years ago Aaron and I visited this little town.  I come from strong European roots!  I am French, Swiss and Portuguese!  My Dad’s side is from all three countries and my Mom’s is from Switzerland.  When I was in Zollikofen I looked up Wittwer (my Mom’s maiden name) and I found many people in the Interlaken area of Switzerland, which was only a 45 minute- one hour car drive.  I wish we would have had time to stop and visit the few places, but I don’t need to visit to know where my roots are.  It’s no wonder I feel at home in Europe!

2015-02-09 01.50.26 2015-02-09 01.51.58

This is a picture of my Grandma Ruth Vernier (Fortado), my Dad’s mom.  She is 100 years old this year and she is Portuguese.  We are hoping to make it to Portugal while we are in Europe, but I don’t think I will get to Madeira Island.  Madeira Island is where the Fortado family comes from.  I love knowing I am so close to my forefathers heritage!


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