Starnberg, Germany

After the Temple trip we headed to Munich, Germany area.  My dear friend, Kathleen Sneddon, has a son, Michael, and his family that live in Munich.  We have met them on previous occasions in Utah and met up with their son, Nathan, at a Stake Conference here in France back in November.  Michael, Jenny and children were so kind in opening up their home to all 7 of us.  They have a lovely home in Starnberg, about 30 minutes outside of Munich.  Each of the kids got along so well.  I think right from the start these kids had a common bond: living overseas and wanting to be with other Americans! :)  We all had a comfortable bed to sleep on and wonderful food to eat.

DSC_0352 DSC_0353 DSC_0354 DSC_0355 DSC_0356 DSC_0358

The Sneddons live in a quaint little town on Lake Starnberg.  We happened to be there on Valentine’s Day, so the 4 adults/2 couples went out to dinner at a lakeside restaurant.  It was very pretty and the food was good.  I had real “wiener schnitzel” and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it.  I guess I never knew exactly what it was.  Now I do.  It is a deep fried piece of veal prepared Viennese style, meaning the veal is flattened, dipped in batter and fried.  Viennese referring to Vienna, Austria.  Interesting bit of information.  Anyway, the 4 of us had great conversation and we had to pull ourselves away to return to our children and to allow Michael to get some sleep before Sunday morning responsibilities. We had a lovely time!

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5 thoughts on “Starnberg, Germany

  1. Glad you had Wiener Schnitzel. I really like it. Did you happen to have the yummy German potatoes with it? The best thing in all the world that Dad and I loved in Germany was the bratwurst on a hard roll with spicey mustard that is sold on the street like hot dogs are sold in New York City. We would get them all the time when we would go to town. I have never found them as good here. My mouth is watering!!!

  2. I have good memories in Munich. I spent a few summers there to practice my German and I swam in the Starnbergersee!!!

    • Did you have family in Germany or was it for school? I love how the Europeans are very serious about learning a second language! How fun for you to have spent some time in that area! Starnberg was so pretty!

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