For Emmy!


Hi Emmy!  Thank you so much for the yellow flower you gave me before we moved to France!  I have a special vase in our kitchen with your flower that I look at every day and it reminds me of you!


Sophie misses you so much and wishes she could still play with you everyday!  I hope you are having a good summer and got to do a lot of fun things with your Mom, Dad and Daniel!  We miss you!

DSC_0344 DSC_0343

3 thoughts on “For Emmy!

  1. Thank you, Darcie! Emmy was thrilled to have her own post! She was so happy to see the cute pictures of Sophie. She said, “I want to text Sophie. Tell her I love her and I miss her.” I tried to explain that I would respond to the blog and that Sophie would get the message later. Later that day she was playing with one of those magnetic write on boards and she said she was texting Sophie. She kept saying, “Dear Sophie, I love you. I miss you.”

    Thanks for thinking of us! We miss you all! Give Sophie a big hug!

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