L’infirmière, or nurse, came to our house today at 11:30am.  Her name is Sophie and she lives in our little village of Sanilhac.  She was super nice and tried to make Sophie as comfortable as possible.  Our Sophie became more and more uncomfortable as the nurse was slowly unwrapping her bandaging.


One thing to note is that the hospital staff did not explain anything to us on checking out. We were handed a folder with a few papers and told to go to the pharmacy to inquire about a nurse in our area.  They forgot to explain that there were supplies that we had to provide for the nurse when she came.  Neither Aaron or I looked through the folder and when Aaron went to the pharmacy, they did not look through it either.  So, when Nurse Sophie started looking through all the papers upon arrival and asking if we had the supplies, etc. she must have thought we looked pretty ridiculous!  There was one paper that needed to be copied that gave her permission to treat Sophie and a list of all the supplies and a special antibacterial medicine we needed to give Sophie.  We were clueless!  Nurse Sophie was so kind and laid back that she used her supplies and Aaron quickly left for the pharmacy after it was done.  Live and learn, especially in a foreign country!

Back to our Sophie…

IMG_2889 IMG_2890

This first unwrapping will be and was the most uncomfortable for Sophie.  Some of the gauze was sticking to her finger so it needed to be soaked in water.  This was the painful part for Sophie.  She was scared and apprehensive.  Plus, it hurt as Nurse Sophie was very gently removing the gauze.


Once all the bandaging was removed we got to see her finger.  It looks great!  A little swollen, but straight.  I was so happy to see that!  The surgeon did a great job.  Seeing her finger again made Sophie cry.  I could tell the nerves in her finger were making her body squirm!  I have had a finger injury and I know how that feels, so I felt so bad for her.  After a few minutes of tears Nurse Sophie had her finger wrapped up again and sweet Sophie could relax.  Nurse Sophie will come thursday and sunday of this week and then we will see what the bandaging schedule is for the following week.  Sophie cannot go to school for a month.  It works out great because she will only miss two weeks of school.  The kids have a two week vacation starting April 12th.  The timing works out well for her recovery. Thanks for all the love and support from everyone who has reached out to our family!

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  1. Thanks for the update! We sure have been praying for her lots. Novalie brings it up many, many times during the day wondering how she is doing. We love her! (and ALL of you)

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