Spring, flowers and sunshine!

2015-04-17 04.42.36

I love the spring!  Our spring here in France is coming to an end and summer is beginning. The tourists are starting to arrive, roadside produce stands are appearing, the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, pools are opening, fruit trees have blossomed and lost their flowers, gorgeous green fields of wheat cover the hillside, all the vineyards are getting their flowers, fields of colza for oil are dotting the countryside, the bugs are coming out of the woodwork, snails are appearing, rain showers are frequent, the french wardrobe is changing… c’est les choses que j’adore!

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One of my favorite things here in France right now is the Wisteria.  So many doorways great you with this beautiful violet flower!  It just screams romance and French country!  I wish we had some on our property!

wisteria-in-france-473x288Pretty Stone house & lilac700_wisteria-2-environmental-concepts

5 thoughts on “Spring, flowers and sunshine!

  1. I just read this entry again and enjoyed the pictures and it made me wonder if you are having allergy troubles in France. I wonder if it is too cold for Wisteria here in Layton during the winter???

    • I was thinking the same thing about the wisteria in utah. I want to grow some! Surprisingly I have not have allergies since I started taking a black radish and artichoke drink. It is a liquid that comes in these cool “old school’ vials that you add to water. It is disgusting. This particular formula is for the liver, but I noticed after I started taking it my allergies stopped. Go figure! Coincidence or not? Not sure! I thought for sure I would be so miserable like I have been in utah. I was only bad for a few days here!

  2. Do they have special shops in France where you purchase herbs and natural remedies/supplements like they have in the states?

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