Update on Sophie

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Sophie had three weeks of bandage changing every two to three days by two different nurses, Sophie and Karine.  The nurse, Karine, came the last time a week ago and told us her finger was fine and didn’t need anything to protect it.  Each nurse has given us different bits of information regarding Sophie’s finger healing.  Aaron and I are not confident that this information is correct.  We have had a number of broken bones and a finger “hanging by a thread” over the years and we know injuries like this are not done after 3 weeks.  So, I have been wrapping her finger almost everyday to keep it clean and protected.  We haven’t even had the recommendation to do a follow up with the surgeon.

The health system here is very different!  We payed each of the nurses for their individual house visits.  They were 8 euros per visit and they charged us a little for supplies we were missing.  Each nurse handed us an invoice and we had to pay her with a check and then we submit the invoice to our homeowners insurance to try to be reimbursed.  It has been almost a month and we have not received any bill, except for the x-rays (which was around 50 euros).  We are then supposed to pay the bills when they come and submit the invoices to the insurance company.  We don’t even use our international health insurance. It all goes through our homeowners insurance because it was an accident that happened on our property.  Hopefully, the bills for the hospital, surgeon, anesthesiologist and urgent care are not astronomical!

Sophie’s finger looks great!  The fingernail area is black, which was to be expected.  Her skin has grown wonderfully back together.  It looks like a completely different finger from 4 weeks ago!  Sophie is still very nervous to use it in anyway.  She still whimpers a little when I have to clean it and change the bandaging.  In fact, just last night she told me “it scares me to look at my finger.  It still looks gross!”  We feel it a miracle from above that her finger looks so good.  I even think her fingernail will grow back just fine! :)

3 thoughts on “Update on Sophie

  1. Sophie is so dang cute – I check your blog several times a day just to see if you have posted any thing new and the last couple of days I just melt each time I see her beautiful little face!! I miss you guys!!

  2. Dear Bishop Family,
    Was visiting Heather tonight and she found your blog for me. Sorry about Sophie’s finger. Happy to see she is getting better. She is so sweet and cute. Miss you all.
    Love, Grandma B.

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