Wild Poppies

2015-05-05 21.12.36

There are wild poppies everywhere!  It is beautiful!  On the outskirts of Uzès I spotted this amazing field of wild poppies!  I had Aaron drive down a tiny dirt path so I could get a closer look!

2015-05-05 21.12.58 2015-05-05 21.13.36 2015-05-05 21.13.23 2015-05-05 21.13.42

Some of the French consider the poppies weeds.  I, on the other hand, think they are bright and fun!  I love spotting the vibrant flower “popping” up everywhere I turn!

2015-05-05 21.13.51

One thought on “Wild Poppies

  1. I love it – how beautiful – Grandmama would love it, too. It is like the fields of bluebonnets in Texas and the Golden Poppies covering hillsides in California. Have you seen fields of lavender while you have been there?

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