Date Night

photo 2(My feet look unusually large in this photo!)

Aaron and I took advantage of having Julia and Alexis with us, so we had our first date night.  (It might be our only one for a long time.  Not too comfortable leaving my younger ones home with the boys with the pool in the backyard!)  We went into Uzès because it is close and we love it!  We found a parking spot on the outer circle of the “centre ville” and started walking.  We didn’t have a destination in mind so we casually walked through the lovely town.  We came upon this beautiful little street.  Yes, this is a street that people live off of and do business.  It is hard to capture the “awe” in this photo!  I fell in love with this town again!  I only wish there had been a little restaurant along this portion of the street.

photo 1


We meandered through the town and came upon a restaurant that looked decent.  The owner put us in an upstairs terrace that was so quiet and pretty, except for the laundry hanging from someone’s window two more stories above us! :)

We placed our order and this is what I got when my plate came:photo 3

Yes, that is 100% raw meat!  I almost gagged!  I had ordered a tartare de boeuf and I asked Aaron if he knew what it was.  We thought it was like a tartar sauce.  Little did we know, and I can tell you I will NEVER order this again.  Aaron politely asked the chef to cook my meat and within 5 minutes it was back in front of me with a browned top and bottom and raw in between.  I did not want to look snobbish, offensive or rude so I proceeded to try to eat the cooked portions of the top layer of meat.  It was so hard not getting raw meat in a bite no matter how I tried to avoid it.  I could not do it and left the beef dissected on my plate.  The French do not cook their meat like in the States.  It just doesn’t happen.  I need to learn the french word for well done because I know I will need it this year at some point!  I had a bad taste in my mouth for two days.  It was difficult!  But, it was an new experience that I can always look back on and laugh!  We certainly did when we showed the kids the above photo when we got home.

We ended the night with delicious nutella ice cream!  (I had to get another texture and taste in my mouth as soon as we left the restaurant!)  It was a good way to end the night!


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  1. I should have been with you because I could have told you from when we lived in Germany that you would be getting raw meat!! How awful!!

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