Sweets, sweets and more sweets!


We are always finding new pastries and sweets to try.  The above picture is a “Royal Chocolat” that our Boulangerie in our village has on occasion.  We have found them there 2 times and both times we were in heaven.  The bottom layer is a crunchy and crispy crust with layers of chocolate and or chocolate mousse on top.  Alexis and I love these and it is a good thing Antoine does not have them all the time.  We get our fresh baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolate daily from Antoine!

DSC_0363 DSC_0364 DSC_0365


The above photos are “la pêche”, simply “the peach”.  Aaron walked in the house the other day with these in the delightful pastry box from Antoine’s and he was so excited to show us.  He remembers having this on his mission and has never had one since.  That’s about 24-25 years ago!  It looks like a peach but tastes nothing like a peach.  It consists of two halves of cooked pastry dough with a cream/custard in the middle.  Also, there is a caramelized sugar concoction right in the center.  It is dusted in sugar and has beautiful edible leaves.  They look too pretty to eat!  I did not care for it because I do not like cream or custard filled pastries.  Aaron loves the cream/custard!  Again, thank goodness Antoine does not make these often!  What do you prefer, custard filled or not filled?

DSC_0360 DSC_0361

Back in the States I very rarely buy white bread for my kids.  I feel it has zero nutritional value and the States offer so many options for a healthy, convenient and economic alternative.  Here in France the sandwich bread is not the greatest!  It is either too dry or just blah!  Plus, the version of whole wheat in sandwich bread is terrible. But, I had to find something for quick sandwiches and toast.  Austin and I were in the Carrefour (that is the closest grocery store) and we were looking for a loaf of bread to try.  We came across a whole shelf of crustless bread!  That’s right all you Mom’s out there who have to cut the crusts off the bread because your child won’t eat them!  Crustless bread and packaged in perfect squares!  “Sans croûte”!  My kids really enjoy it for many reasons!  It works great toasted with a little layer of nutella in the middle.  It makes a quick snack or even breakfast!   I only wish we could get cheap peanut butter for yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! :)  That is one food item we will go without for a year!  They sell a tiny jar of peanut butter at the grocery store for about $6 or $7!  Not happening any time soon so we will go on enjoying our LARGE jars of nutella!


5 thoughts on “Sweets, sweets and more sweets!

  1. You must be doing extra exercises to burn off all the good things from your local bakery !! Yum !! Especially the good baguettes and everything with chocolate !!

  2. I forgot to ask this question – how much does one of your chocolate delicacies cost there? What is the price of a baguette? Just curious if it is more/less/about the same as you would pay here.

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