I am deeply troubled by the headline news stories that I have read today! All I can say is “God help us all!”

1.  Supreme Court rules legality of same sex marriage in all 50 States!

2.  Man beheaded by Islamist and head displayed outside an American owned business on the outskirts of Lyon France!

3.  ISIS suicide bombers kills at a Kuwait City mosque!

4.  ISIS claims responsibility for two terrorists opening gunfire at Tunisia beach resort and killing many!

3 thoughts on “Speechless!

  1. Does this have reference to the headline I just read on an e-mail newsletter I get about Taxi drivers smashing cars in protest of UBER?

      • I record the ksl 10 o’clock news each night to watch the weather. The other news is always awful so I can fast forward most of the horrible stuff. The Supreme court is evil….the deteriation all over the world is excellorating….I read all those things you have listed…plus the horrible shooting in the church here in the states that happened a week or so ago….it will only get worse,I am afraid.

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