It has been so hot here in France.  Certain areas are under high temperature threats.  The French certainly do not want a repeat of the heat wave of 2003, when thousands of people died due to the heat.  Today it is reaching 101 degrees with humidity.  Thank goodness we have a pool to cool us down because our upstairs is a sauna.  The only AC we have are 2 small units downstairs.

Aaron is traveling up north (Ayen, France) today, for a week of YSA conference  He is one of many speakers for the week.  We were all going to go with him but because of the heat we decided against it.  We were not sure our van would make it in 100 degree weather, nor did we want to suffer a 5.5 hour car drive without AC.  (Our van does not have working AC.)  We are a little disappointed because we wanted to tour the Dordogne region of France.  It is filled with castles, including the Chateau-Hauteforte where many scenes in the movie Ever After were filmed.  Hopefully during another trip!:)

One thought on “Heat!

  1. This summer has been stifling…we are finally having a week that will not reach 100 or higher but still hot in the upper 80’s and 90’s …please be careful…I can’t imagine having to endure triple digit temperatures without air conditioning. Sorry you missed visiting another region in France. One of the House Hunter’s International shows was a couple searching for a home in that region – it was the Dordogne River Valley – Languedoc Region.

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