2015-07-08 06.13.33

This is what a sign looks like advertising the entrance to a village and/or city.  This is our village sign as we enter Sanilhac from the north, Uzès and Sagries.  On the opposite side is the same sign but with a red slash going through it, meaning one is leaving the village and one is no longer in the village limits.

The yellow D212 marks the route number.  This is always more helpful than the name of the street in France.  Street names are not easily seen or marked here in France.  In big cities, street names are usually found on the building/house where the intersection is made between streets.  Unlike America where we have street signs on almost every corner.

2015-07-08 06.11.23

This is a hiking/biking trail.  They are so helpful and very informative, especially on a long hike/run when you want to know how many km you have left or have completed!

2015-07-08 06.13.25

This is a speed limit post.  This is 70 km/hour.  Speed limits are not enforced in France. Very rarely do you see a police officer stopping a driver for speeding.  Or even a police officer “waiting” with his speed radar.  The french drive so fast on the tiniest of roads.  It can be crazy at times!


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