Intrepid Nine

Back in 1992 after Aaron and I were married my father, Gary Vernier, gave us a book with a personal handwritten note saying we were “intrepid souls”.  This has stuck with me all these years and means even more to me since the passing of my father suddenly three years ago.  My Dad gave me the desire to travel when I was younger.  Before I was married I had visited almost all 50 states, France and spent a study abroad in Jerusalem.  I enjoyed meeting my Dad’s business associates from all over the world.  It was so intriguing for me.  Simultaneously, Aaron served a two year LDS Mission in Geneva, Switzerland. After completing two years in Europe and getting a few more college semesters under his belt he returned to France.  Aaron has always had an entrepreneurial mind and desire to create his own “Ucorpia”.  So when we were married my Dad knew we would still want to continue our travels and our adventures in business and try to fulfill our dreams.

Over the last 22 years we have added seven beautiful children to our family.  Each one is intrepid as they approach life head on.  Julia, 21, is an anthropology major at Utah State University with the hopes to someday work in a museum.  She has navigated her way from China, through Japan and onto Salt Lake City by herself at the age of 16.  Alexis,18, is on her way to BYU Hawaii as an elementary education major.  She loves the East Coast and finds people of all backgrounds fascinating.  When applying for colleges she knew she wanted to embrace a different culture and her fearlessness is shining through as she embarks on a great adventure of her own.  AJ,almost 16, is approaching this move to France with a smile on his face (most days of the week)!  He has faced many challenges in his life and hopes to be able to learn some of the French language.  He has a huge heart that will influence so many on this adventure.  Austin, almost 14, is so excited for the upcoming year in France.  He can’t wait to meet new people!  He is so passionate that I know this experience is going to give his life new meaning.  Tristan,11, is a little timid to try new things but he knows life is full of great opportunities.  He has a great ear for the french language and I know he is going to make life long friends.  Jack,5, and Sophie,3, have no fear.  Aaron has spoken only french to Jack and Sophie, so this time in France is going to be awesome for them.  All seven of our children add so much to this adventure!

We feel so grateful that there are opportunities in the European Market for Aaron’s business.  This is a huge undertaking to get seven of the nine Bishops situated in France for a year.  I hope our experiences are inspiring within our own family and in yours so that we can all try something new and approach change with a little more excitement.  Life is wonderful and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you!



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