Boulangerie Sanilhacoise

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We live in a “petite village” called Sanilhac Sagriès.  There are about 800 residents and one delicious and well known bakery, Boulangerie Sanilhacoise.  Antoine is the owner and baker extrodinaire!  We have been here three full days and each morning Aaron goes down the street to get fresh baguettes, croissants, and pain au chocolate!  It is heavenly!  Last night we bought a few pastries that were amazing as well.  Every thing is made in house and you can guarantee it will be delicious!  There isn’t even a gas station or little market in our village, only this little bakery!  We feel so spoiled!  I know I will be posting more about the pastries and bread from this bakery as the year goes on but I had to share the “first” photos of our delicacies down the road!

3 thoughts on “Boulangerie Sanilhacoise

  1. I could eat a whole baguette by myself slathered in butter or just pulling a piece off!! How far away from your village is the church? How big is the congregation?

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