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When we decided to rent our current house in France, Aaron made a trip to see the place before we signed the contract.  I remember him telling me that our “master” bathroom was divided.  Meaning, the toilet we would use was the “half-bath” room for the house and our sink, shower, etc was off the master bedroom.  I made a mental note at the time and had forgotten about it until we arrived the first night at our new house.  Toilet rooms or WC, water closets, are still used in France and in this house we are renting.  We have two “salle de bain”, bathrooms, and two WC.  The draw back is the WC’s do not have a sink to wash your hands.  You have to go into the bathroom or the kitchen to wash your hands.  It is interesting!

DSC_0472 DSC_0473

The picture on the left is the toilet room and the bathroom is on the right.  I don’t know about you but it is a pain in the butt, no pun intended, to have two separate rooms.  I say that hesitantly, because, I do not like it for me.  For the kids situation, that is different.  It is actually really nice to have one child using the WC and one brushing his/her teeth.  Or one showering and another needing to use the toilet.  It works with kids!

DSC_0478 DSC_0477 DSC_0476

This is the WC upstairs that the children use the most.  It is also closest to our family room, so it is used often.  The bathroom is also upstairs and it is used by all 5 children.  One funny, design faux pas in these water closets is the window on both doors.  If you look close you can see the small window in a few of the pictures on the door to the toilet.  It makes for a funny joke between Aaron and I, but very uncomfortable if someone is changing into a swimming suit! :)

DSC_0475 DSC_0474

It is nice and spacious and there are two sinks, which is such a blessing.  I love the bright blue tiles in the kids bathroom.  The pink, not so much!  Our first vacation home we rented in France, back in 2009, had a beautiful bathroom (with the toilet in the bathroom) that was tiled in a Mediterranean Sea blue tile.  I say Mediterranean Sea because it is what I think of when I remember it.  It was gorgeous!  I am grateful this bathroom here has a similar blue, just not as striking!

Also, the WC on the main level, the “master” toilet, is used by everybody.  I do not like this!  I like my own toilet that is not shared by anyone but me and my husband!  Petty thing, I know!  But, have you ever stopped and wondered it you would like the division of the toilet from the shower, sink, etc.?  And, if you wanted to use the bathroom knowing so many others had also used it, kind of like a communal toilet?  I know most of the usage is just my own children, but I have 4 boys and a 3 year old!  At previous houses, if I were home, I would always make the walk to my toilet, in my bathroom, before I would use any other toilet. Maybe it is just habitual, but most American houses, condos, even apartments have separate bathrooms for the “master” and the rest of the house.

4 thoughts on “Toilet Room

  1. Those are large bathrooms…I remember sitting on some toilets in France and when closing the door I literally had to push my knees to one side just to shut the door…memories, Viva la France!! Thanks for posting Darcie. April and I read your blog every day it is awesome.

  2. After all you kids left home, Dad and I even had our own bathroom.I always use my own bathroom in the bedroom. I do use the main bathroom occasionally for a bath as my bathroom only has a shower. I really enjoy seeing the rooms in your home there in France. Please give us a tour of the other rooms, also.I would love to see your kitchen (different angles and views)and your living spaces and the bedrooms.

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