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This is my washer!  (Notice there is NO dryer!)  It is roughly 16 inches in width!  We are a family of 9, 8 or 7!  It is okay to laugh out loud about these two pieces of information.  It was a joke the first few weeks we were getting settled and quickly got old, FAST!

Our clothes washer back in the States could hold double or triple the amount of clothes this little machine holds.  I have always been very scheduled with laundry.  In different places and at different stages of my life I have had to change or readjust the laundry schedule.  I was practically in tears after a few weeks of laundry here!  I could not figure out the right system for the laundry.  There were elements out of my control!

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Because the above was my clothes dryer.  One and one/fourth loads of wash (I am referring to my France size load of wash) can be hung on this outside clothes line.  It is very sturdy and makes for a great use of space on one side of the house.  The draw back:  the sun shines on this space until 1pm and it often rains, is humid or is cloudy.  So, I was finding that some days I needed to do up to 5 loads of wash but the natural elements were not allowing this to happen.  I do have the below dryer for inside:

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I also hang clothes up in the bathrooms.  It was all becoming too overwhelming for me and Aaron even noticed the inconvenience.  There were days when I would hang clothes up outside, then we would leave the house to go exploring and come back to rain and “wet” clothes.  He would ask me what I would like to do for the day and my response was always, “Well, I have to get at least 2 loads done today or I am in for it tomorrow!”  There was a domino effect that took place if I could not get the right amount of clothes washed, dried, folded and put away.  It was becoming too stressful!  I HAD to put a load in at night that would be done by morning, hang it up by 8am, time another load to be hung up by 10:30am and then try to get in 2 more loads throughout the rest of the day.  Exhausting and inconvenient!

Solution: buy a dryer!  We were not sure how much this was going to cost because we did not want to install a vent through the thick walls of this house.  We inquired about this with some friends and they told us one can buy a condensed dryer.  We thought this was genius because, after all, we are just renting this house and do not want to throw a lot of money into a house project.  We had our friend purchase a condensed dryer via the internet that we could hook up to any outlet, in any room of the house.  It cost us 250 euros, or $323.  A small price for my sanity!


A condensed dryer is very efficient.  First, all outlets in France are 220 volts so almost all large appliances can be plugged into any outlet.  Second, this machine is very light.  We can easily move it anywhere in the house.  In fact, Aaron carried it by himself from the car into the house.  Third, there is a drawer that fills up with hot water after each cycle and then I use that hot water for dishes in the kitchen sink.  Fourth, in the winter the heat from the dryer might help warm up certain rooms!

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This dryer has been a life saver!  It sits in my kitchen, so now I just carry the wash across the room instead of carrying it around to the other side of our house.  I have managed to not even worry about laundry now and my head can be free of “laundry” stress.  I usually have to do 3 loads a day, but I can do it whenever it is convenient for me!  Merci Aaron!

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