La Grande Motte

Aaron and I had talked many times about getting to the Mediterranean Sea before school started but we ran out of time.  We decided to go this past Saturday, since the weather is beginning to change.  There was a bit of wind when we woke up and thought maybe we shouldn’t make the drive and have the experience ruined with blowing sand, etc.  We decided to go anyway and make the most of whatever came our way.  Aaron had previously looked on the internet for beaches not too far from us and he found La Grand Motte.  It was roughly 45 miles and google maps said it would take us over an hour.  Side note:  It seems to take a little longer in France to get from point A to point B.  There are always stops, round a bouts, little villages to pass through, etc.

We completely lucked out!  The drive took us a little under an hour, door-to-door.  It was fabulous because all the tourists and vacationers were gone so we easily found parking and a perfect spot near the water! :)

DSC_0489 DSC_0490 DSC_0491 DSC_0492

La Grande Motte is a popular seaside port and resort area.  The length of the beaches is extensive and the types of beaches vary as you travel along the Med.  For example, one beach is for families, one is for homosexuals, one is for nudists, etc.  All the beaches are public, which is one less thing for us to pay for!!!  And a big plus, it is all sand beaches. Many beaches along the French Mediterranean Coast are rocks.  Cannes, Nice, Marseille all have rocks and so it is hard to really enjoy one’s time at the beach.

DSC_0494 DSC_0495 DSC_0496

The architecture in La Grande Motte is interesting as the buildings are all in the shape of pyramids.


I love the beach!  I grew up near water.  In Houston, our family would go to Galveston Beach every summer.  In New York, we had the Long Island Sound seconds from our house and Fire Island was close.  In fact, the 6 years I lived in Cold Spring Harbor, NY I saw the water everyday.  When Aaron and I lived in Maryland, we always took the kids to the ocean in the summer.  Plus, probably once a week we saw the Chesapeake Bay.  So, to be this close to the Med is awesome for me!  I am so happy we discovered La Grande Motte!

The weather ended up being beautiful!  I loved seeing all the sail boats on the distant horizon!  The water was a little chilly, for the nights have cooled down a bit.  But, it was pleasant.  It was so peaceful and my kids were entertained for hours.  It was a great day!

DSC_0497 DSC_0503 DSC_0505DSC_0506DSC_0509DSC_0510

We had to bury the kids in the sand!  Tradition!  See if you can find everyone!  AJ’s is the best!  Austin did not get buried!  We can’t wait until next summer to go again.  We might get lucky with another warm September day, but the water is going to get colder and colder as time goes on!

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