Grape Harvest

It is harvest time for the vineyard owners!  The early part of September is when this region begins their harvest picking, predicated upon weather.  We are surrounded by these beautiful vineyards.  Almost every landscape we look at, we can see fields of vineyards with large bundles of juicy grapes!  It is beautiful.


A few weeks ago, on one of my morning runs, I started noticing these large grape picking machines.


These machines go up and down each row and pluck the grapes off their vines and then takes their load to a large bin placed somewhere close by and dumps the freshly picked grapes into the bins.  I have to note that the rows of vines are meticulously exact in distance apart from one another.  It is an amazing sight to see when you can look at the fields from an elevated point of view or looking down aisles of vines.  Truly incredible!

photo 3-6 photo 2-6 photo 4-4

The bins are then hooked up to a little tractor and taken to the winery or Vigneroun. During another morning run, I captured two tractors, one coming toward me with a full bin of grapes and one driving away from me, who had already taken his load to the winery.

photo 1-6

I have never seen grapes being harvested.  I have just enjoyed looking at the vineyards and enjoyed the romantic scenery.  Also, I am not a wine connoisseur, so all this fascinates me!  I wish I could get a tour of the winery in our little village.  I run by it almost everyday and it has been very busy these past few weeks.

photo 5-3

The villagers and vineyard workers are all very nice to me during my runs.  They all are respectful of the small roads and say hello or wave to me when we pass.  It puts a smile on my face!

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