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It seems as though everything is a new experience for us here in France, even down to getting our clothes dry cleaned!  As I have said before the closest city of any size is about 7km in Uzés.  There is only one dry cleaner in all of Uzés.  Aaron had 7 dress shirts and I needed a dress dry cleaned.  Aaron took them to this said dry cleaner last monday.  The owner/only employee handed him the ticket and told him they would be ready on Friday. He looked at the price on the ticket and about asked for our articles of clothing back. 56.50 Euros!  That equates to $72.50 for 7 shirts and one dress!!!!  He came home and was still trying to decide if he should retrieve our clothes, but we decided to give it a try and never take clothes to the cleaner again!

Friday came and we went to go pick up our clothes.  I was parked a little way off along the side of the road and was watching Aaron interact in the store.  It took him awhile to finally get the clothes, about 10 minutes.  I noticed a nice looking older lady go in and she was obviously admiring our clothes by the look of the interaction.  Aaron approached the car and started laughing.  His first comment, “Well, it looks like we bought some nice sturdy hangers!”  They are just a thicker, shinier metal hanger like they use in the States.

He proceeded to tell me the nice older lady was admiring my freshly pressed and cleaned dress and talking about how wonderful that dress would be to wear out at night.  LOL! Aaron then told me that the owner had not finished the order because one of his shirts had a large stain.  Aaron asked her what kind of stain and if he could she the white shirt.  She brought it out and it was a red wine stain all down the front of the shirt.  Aaron said it was impossible that he did that and he was not going to pay for that because that was not the condition he brought it to her.  She replies, “Well, clearly you could have spilt some wine on you?”  He said, “That’s impossible, because I do not drink wine!”  She was taken aback and told him she would need to work on his shirt for about 2 weeks to see if she could get the stain out.

Sunday, Aaron wore one of the cleaned and pressed shirts and it did not look very good. The back even had a faint stain on one of the upper shoulder blades.  We think the owner’s husband decided to wear his shirts and went out on the town and had some fun, returned the stained clothes and didn’t tell his wife!!!! :)  Aaron noted that her store had hardly any clothes there waiting to be cleaned!

We will NOT be getting our clothes dry cleaned!  Any suggestions about home dry cleaning because I have to find a solution and it won’t be paying someone else for a large amount of money for a so-so job?!

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  1. I was just joking about wearing Aaron’s shirt, but we did think twice about it because someone spilt wine on his shirt! Someone was either drinking on the job or wore his shirt!!! :)

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