Ping Pong and Birthdays!

When we moved here the Dargaunce Family let us borrow a ping pong table for the year we are here.  It has been so much fun!  We have it in our yard because that is the only space we have for it.  Most French people keep their ping pong tables outside.  A few of the places we have rented here in France had ping pong tables and they were always outside.  So, we have an old table out in our yard that we love to use.  Jack is getting to be a good little server!  Ha!  The table did not have a net so we needed to purchase a net, rackets and balls.  The net doesn’t fit the greatest but we “rig” it all the time!

IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2381

It was Austin’s 14th birthday yesterday, September 25th.  Wednesday , Austin got out of school at noon so him and I went birthday shopping.  We ended up going to a sporting goods store, Decathlon.  It is a large store with a wide variety of sports.  One can buy hunting gear, soccer gear, ballet gear, etc. all at the same store.  Austin and I were walking around just looking because he wasn’t quite sure exactly what he wanted here in France. One thing to note about Austin and his birthdays is he always knows EXACTLY what he wants.  So some of the things on his list are waiting for him in Utah to be picked up by Aaron, when he does get back to the States.  For example, books.  We did not bring books with us because they weighed too much and are too expensive to ship, so we have been without and it has not been good.  We all love to read so there are books waiting for us in Aaron’s office!

Anyway, Austin didn’t quite know what he wanted here in France, except for a hoodie/sweatshirt, which we found.  Right before we left the house, Aaron told Austin to make sure he finds something cool, so we were on the search for something cool!  We came upon a section for ping pong!  They had professional ping pong rackets, with cases and “game” balls.  I was laughing so hard when I saw the racket cases, I think I may have offended the French man next to us looking at all the stuff!  For some reason it was so comical to me.  I never thought of ping pong as an official sport, hopefully I don’t offend anyone reading.  I know professional ping pong is big in some countries, but I have never heard of a large following of ping pong in the States.

Well, I think you can guess what the cool birthday gift was!  A new “pro” ping pong racket, which is so cool, by the way, a racket case and a new package of ping pong balls!

IMG_2370 IMG_2371 IMG_2372

I personally love the racket case!!!!  LOL!  When we got home all the kids were so jealous of his new gift!  I think I know what might be under the Christmas Tree this year!

One of Austin’s other requests for his birthday was carrot cake!  I was a little nervous because I have found it a little difficult finding certain baking items.  It sounds funny because France has some of the most delicious pastries I have ever had, but the everyday American baking items is a little challenging.  For example, I still haven’t found baking powder or powdered sugar and I finally found vanilla but it is more of a syrup instead of liquid.  But, I was able to get what would work and it turned out great and moist!  We have a convection oven here so I think that helped with the moistness.  We took the cake to the Church because the boys had seminary and we sang to Austin and ate cake.  The French had never heard of carrot cake so they were pleasantly surprised with how good it was!!!


Happy Birthday Austin!  I still have yet to find a party store or even a decent party section in a store for birthday/celebration paraphernalia.  I found a 50 count bag of balloons that cost around 3.90 euros, which is roughly $5!  Probably about the same in the States?!  I do not remember…  It was a fun and different birthday for Austin!

3 thoughts on “Ping Pong and Birthdays!

  1. PingPong is right up Kevin’s alley. He has all the best paddles and carrying case. He played all the time when they lived in Pullman. He belonged to a PingPong club with some Asian members that were really good. Growing up, Grandmama and Grandpapa always had a Pingpong table. They had one here, too. Do you remember that, Darcie?

  2. When you’re back you’ll all have to come over and show us the cool paddle and skills!
    Oh and I think ping pong is actually an Olympic sport.

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