Quiche Lorraine

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I attempted my first “real” french meal.  Marmiton is a popular cooking magazine in France. I found a recipe for Quiche Lorraine that looked easy enough to translate over into English so I could understand exactly what I needed to do.  It was fun to try my very first french recipe and learn new words for “cuisiner”.  The grocery stores here in France sell pre made Pâte Brisée that is very good.  So I did not have to make the pastry because it was already done for me.  I love that I can get great pie crust at the store.  It is nothing like the pre made pie crust in America.  At least, I have never found Pâte Brisée in the stores back in the USA.

Anyway, crème fraîche, was one of the main ingredients.  Also, the recipe called for lardons, which is a mix between bacon and ham.  It is very good and was delicious in this recipe.  I made one with lardons and one with mushrooms (for Aaron).  Plus, lots of beurre, beurre, beurre, butter…  It was delicious!  I was so happy with how it turned out.  They even looked pretty!

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6 thoughts on “Quiche Lorraine

    • We use irish butter- which is a little better than American- but probably not even close to fresh French butter! I think I would gain 20 lbs at least :)

      • I feel the food here is less dense and less processed. I do not feel like I gain weight here. Actually I sometimes lose weight because the food is not as heavy. Things tend to be more fresh here! I prefer the food here for that reason but we all miss mexican food!

  1. The meal looks beautiful plus very tasty looking. I love a good quiche. I remember how much better the butter was in Europe – Germany and France and Switzerland. My mouth is watering!!

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