Le Gardon



Le Gardon is the river near our house.  The French love to be outdoors and there are many hiking trails.  One of which is from our town Sanilhac Sagriès down to the river.  It is about a 2.5 km hike from the Boulangerie; a total of 3.5km from our house.  The hike is easy except for the fact that the trail is mostly large rocks.  It almost seems like the bottom of a small stream bed.  The mountain area around the Gradon is beautiful.  There are lots of steep rocky edges along the trails, but thankfully the trails are large enough to not let my vertigo get the best of me!:)  Also, by the time you make the hike you are hot enough to get into the FREEZING river.  But, the hike back is harder because it is all up hill!


The children all have fun at Le Gardon.  Jack and Sophie love catching the tadpoles.  There are a ton of little and big tadpoles swimming around at their feet.  Also, the older kids like to find the cliffs or larger rocks for jumping off into the water.  Tristan especially has enjoyed this the few times we have already gone to Le Gardon.

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Every time we have visited France as a family we have been lucky to live near amazing trails for hiking and biking.  I am beginning to think all of France has great trails. We feel grateful that we have this beautiful area “in our backyard”!  It is free and we don’t even need to get into our car unless we are feeling lazy and drive 1km to the Boulangerie.


One thing to note about France is most women are very comfortable with their bodies and love to go topless around water.  Our first time to La Gardon there were a number of topless ladies with their own children.  I was a little shocked that they were topless with their kids.  That’s strange and uncomfortable for me.  C’est la vie en France!  We had prepared the kids, especially the boys, before moving to France that they were going to be exposed to the nudity that exists as everyday life here.  It is a cultural difference that exists.  I wonder if France has the same percentage of pornography problems as the USA?  I will have to ask one of my friends here.





We are loving the Gard Region of France!

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