I am not sure why, but my kids, specifically, Austin and Tristan are fascinated by the clouds here in France!  Whenever we are driving or hiking they always seem to notice the clouds!  I remember as a youngster (I still consider myself young!)  looking at the clouds and trying to discover animal shapes and other things.  It is and was always so cool when I could make out something that was so obvious to my eye!  The other day the boys got a hold of the camera and this is what I found:

DSC_0631 DSC_0632 DSC_0633 DSC_0635 DSC_0636 DSC_0638 DSC_0639

I have been thinking about why my boys are so interested in the clouds here.  Maybe it is because the summers in Utah are usually clear blue sky, “without a cloud in the sky”, or the winters are usually filled with inversion?  Or maybe it is because we did not have time “to smell the roses” with our hectic life in the States?  Don’t get me wrong, we are busy, but we do not have all the distractions, like sports, extra lessons, abundant amounts of playdates, etc. to keep our minds too preoccupied to notice something so beautiful as clouds!  And the good thing, no one else we have come across here in France has the same “keep up with the Jones’s” attitude that many have in Utah and in America!  (I just have to be able to keep this feeling after we move back to the States, because I do miss watching my children participate in sports!  I know they will continue to play sports in the States, but maybe not on a team that practices 1.5 hours away!)  This has already been a wonderful experience for our family!

What about you?  Do you take time to relax, read a book, ponder or is your life too hectic to not notice the beauty all around?  Do you feel “busy” because of the culture in which you live and you feel guilty if you are not participating in a million things?  Do you second guess what you are wearing because you might run into someone who is ready for the runway at a soccer game?  Do you occupy your time with good things but maybe it overlooks your family?  These are a few things I have been thinking about since we moved here and when I saw these pictures I reflected upon them further and then some! :)

4 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. I remember when you kids would find faces and other objects in the clouds. I have always looked for clouds. Maybe because Grandpa and Grandma Wittwer always looked for clouds and stars in the sky. One small way example of parents goes on to children and in this case, grandchildren, too !! Love the pictures and the blue, blue sky.

  2. Bonjour Bishop Family!
    Love your blog! Thank you for the vicarious vacation.

    Just had to put my two cents in about clouds. I adore them. I am mesmerized by the ever changing canvas of the sky. Pure art. Considered doing a book about them. . . (I love science and the water cycle-even marched into KSL after college graduation and asked if they needed a weather girl. . .)

    I thought you all might be interested in visiting the “Cloud Appreciation Society” on-line. Yes, there really is one! British based.
    On their site, you can see the many diverse photographs of clouds that people send in from around the planet (and you don’t even have to join the society to see them all). Incredible photos. You could even send your photos in! Maybe they would become the cloud of the month! They also have a shop for cloud lovers that includes books and patches for your coats, backpacks, etc.

    Your family is missed.
    Take care,
    Cynthia Ellis

    • Thanks for the info Cynthia! It is so good to hear from you! I remember a Relief Society lesson when you incorporated the clouds/thunderstorms into your lesson! You are awesome! Miss seeing your smiling face!

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