Storm Update

We are all safe and doing well after last weeks major storm.  Our electricity did get turned on Saturday night and we did start getting water on Sunday but we are still NOT allowed to drink the water.  School was closed for all students on Monday because there were more potential storms and flooding, but we never received anything but a few drops of rain.  Our electricity did go on and off periodically throughout Monday.  It was a nice day off (with electricity) for all of us!

The bus for AJ, Austin and Tristan resumed its’ usual schedule Tuesday morning.  The boys did not comment on anything unusual at school that day.  Jack and Sophie went back to school on Tuesday, but they could not get a drink from the water fountain.  In fact, Jack came home and said, “Mom, I am so thirsty!  Can I please have a drink of water? We can not drink the water at school, so I need a drink!”  Today, Jack and Sophie received these little bags of drinking water that the school was distributing to each student.  Sophie received one and Jack received two.  I had never seen anything like it so I decided to snap a few photos.  The water is only good for three days, so as the teachers were handing them out, they all reminded us parents that they had to be used by the end of Friday.

DSC_0640 DSC_0641 DSC_0644

This morning on my run I decided to run a path that I haven’t traveled in a few weeks and I was shocked by the damage done to parts of the road.  It is a “back” road that is usually used by hunters and local farmers needing to get to their vineyards or fields.  It made me sad to see so much damage caused by the storm.  Parts of the road were ripped apart and those ripped out pieces were scattered all over vineyards and fields.  The power of water and flooding is unbelievable!  Again, I am so grateful we did not experience any damage or injury to this property or to ourselves!

One thought on “Storm Update

  1. You never know where or when disaster may strike – so glad you did not have damage to your property. Thanks for the picture of the water distribution method. That is very interesting. Did just Jack and Sophie receive water or what about the older boys and each member of the community? Is it safe to use your house water if you boil it? xoxoxoxo

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