Aaron had told AJ, Tristan and Austin he would take them golfing for the first time this summer, but time got away from them and could not fit it in before we left for France. Today, we decided to check out the local golf course in Uzés.  Aaron told the boys they would go check it out and get pricing and other information.  We found the golf course and came upon a large iron gate that was the entrance to the establishment.  We found it humorous because we had already driven through a few different holes in our car (the road went right through the golf course).  Anyway, we get through the gate and Aaron goes in and comes out a few minutes later with three buckets of golf balls and three golf clubs. There was a driving range that the boys could hit a bucket of balls each.  That was all they could do.  Apparently here in France, one has to have a “licence FFGolf de l’année obligatoire”, that is a license to golf.  It is a yearly license.  We couldn’t even play golf here if we wanted to because we do not have a golf license!  HA!  How funny is that?  Is that normal?  I have never heard of that in the States.  In fact, anyone can play on the Logan River Golf Course in Cache Valley, as long as you pay, of course.  I know there are restrictions in the States for Country Clubs, etc.   The pricing was reasonable at this Golf Course in Uzés.  About 25 Euros for 9 holes, plus the rental of clubs, which is 2 Euros per club.

After being disappointed and finishing the driving range, we left only to be greeted by the iron gate again.  It opened for us, we drove back through the few holes, hoped no one hit a golf ball through our window, and saw a hunter with a gun in hand as we were leaving the property of the Golf Course!  LOL!  C’est la vie!

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