Camping Fort Bedmar

After we experienced the delicious Belgium Waffles in Antwerp, we found our campground for the night.  Camping Fort Bedmar is roughly 20 kilometers outside Antwerp.  We wanted a location close to Antwerp but not too far away from Brussels, which is only 1.5/2 hours from Antwerp.  I knew going into this campground that we would be “roughing” it compared to the last place we stayed in Normandy.  I booked backpacker cabins.2014-10-25 06.22.56 2014-10-25 06.23.15

These cabins were extremely small!  Each one sleeps 4, so we needed two.  Thankfully, they had two cabins right next to each other.  The three older boys in one and Jack, Sophie, Aaron and I in another.  The cabin had a small table, one twin bed with a trundle, one set of bunk beds and a tiny counter space.  No toilet, no sink, no blankets, no linens! In fact, on their website it said one could “rent” linens/ blankets for 7 Euros.  I thought that meant per cabin, but it was per person!  So, I am so glad I already had the linens from the previous campground, but we were short on blankets.  We had to pay an extra 14 Euros to get two blankets!!!  I am glad we did, because it was a little colder in Belgium!  Plus, we were afraid the heater would catch on fire and burn us down within seconds! :)

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When we arrived we quickly found out that we had to pay for all the extras:  hot water, shower, trash, etc.  Within 10 minutes of unloading our stuff, Sophie needed to use the bathroom.  I took her to the public toilets and there was NO toilet paper.  I checked all the stalls and not a single roll of toilet paper!  Haha!  Everyone had to provide their own!  We had to purchase shower tokens.  Each token was one euro and it provided 7 minutes of hot water.  Thank goodness I did not have to wash my hair!  When we were leaving the next morning, Aaron went into the office asking where the trash bins were, and the man told Aaron we would have to purchase the right color bag to be able to throw trash away in their bin.  It was like a small black hefty trash bag.  So funny!  We did not purchase one.

I am grateful my children think almost anything is really cool and fun!  They were so excited to have bunk beds, to be in a cabin, and to just be together!  It was fun!  Jack was thrilled he got to sleep on the top bunk.  The bed had a sturdy metal railing so I felt comfortable letting him sleep up there.  We had brought our own cereal, milk, yogurt, etc. so I just left that on the porch outside in our cooler.  There was no danger of animals coming into the campground.  In fact, the campground was bordering the neighborhood homes of a little village.

This campground had a playground and a large trampoline type thing!  I do not know what they are called in America.  The kids had a fun time jumping on that and playing.  It was a cheap and fun way to spend an evening!

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