“French” Fries

Our first night in Belgium we wanted to eat some yummy fries!  Aaron had traveled to Ghent, Belgium previously and talked about his fry experience.  He ate in a place that piled anything you could think of on top of a heap of french fries.  So, our mouths were watering for this same type of experience.  Aaron asked a local man and this was how their conversation went:  Aaron, “Do you know of a good place we can get french fries?”

Local man, “No, no, no!  They are not “french” fries!  Fries are from Belgium.  The French stole that because when Americans were in France during WWII they ate fries and took the experience and idea back to the States and they became “french” fries because they ate them while in France.”                                                                                                     Aaron, “Really?  We did not know that!  Is there a place we can get fries?”                           Local man, “Sure.  There are two in our little village.  One is closed tonight, but the other should be open.”                                                                                                               Aaron, “Two?  That is interesting!  What time are they open?” (European food times are always different.  We always have to ask to make sure it is not closed.)                         Local man, “They should be open all night, until 2 or 3.”  (This was a Saturday night.)

The little town we stayed in maybe had 500 people and there were two fry “joints”!  We got the directions and made our way over there when we were ready for some dinner.  We arrived to this little deli, almost, that served fries and a few other things.  So, we had fries for dinner.  But, the heaping of fries was huge!  And there were endless sauces to dip your fries in.  This place was not like the experience Aaron had, that I previously mentioned.  It was strictly fries.  They were so busy and we found out that all the locals only support one restaurant/pub/cafe.  They choose the one they like and they go there for the rest of their time while living in the village.  Aaron and I were amazed at the familiarity the workers had with their customers.  It was great!

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These were small orders of fries!  We tried a bunch of sauces!  I don’t even know what they were called because everything was in Dutch.  One of the workers spoke a little french and english.  It was a fun experience and good!  The fries were really good! Nothing over the top amazing, but good!  The atmosphere and the sauces is what made the experience so good and different!  Fries, sauce and coke is what we had for dinner that night!  Great memories!

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