Brussels, Belgium

After we got waffles and fries crossed off our list, we headed to Brussels for chocolate! Brussels is a large city, so getting around was a little confusing, not to mention that my phone GPS was not registering so we went into this large city blind.  But, we lucked out, found parking in the general vicinity of where we wanted to be.  We only had a few hours so we meandered down to the Grand Place.  Below are some random photos of buildings and store fronts that caught our attention.

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The Grand Place or Grote Markt is the city center of Brussels.  It has two large gilded buildings, the Town Hall and the Maison du Roi (I believe it is a museum).  During my research of Brussels I found that one could find hundreds of chocolatier boutiques surrounding the Grand Place.  This was our destination.  We came upon so many specialty chocolate shops, too many to try!  We stopped into a few and indulged in some yummy treats.

2014-10-25 23.29.44 2014-10-25 23.29.48 2014-10-25 23.30.08 2014-10-26 00.47.09

All the sweet shops had one-of-a-kind desserts.  From marzipan to meringue, the size of a soccer ball (I’m not joking)!  It was so interesting and delightful at the same time.  We did a lot of window shopping in Brussels.  Too much to choose from!  The above treat were balls of a marshmallow type center dipped in white chocolate or milk chocolate and then rolled in different “toppings”.  Each ball was a different flavor.  They were different than anything I had ever tasted before.  It was good!  We had a fun short time in Brussels!  When ended our visit with a few waffles, but they were nothing like the delicacies we had in Antwerp!

2014-10-25 23.30.15 2014-10-25 23.51.36 2014-10-26 00.22.03

To be completely honest, I did not try any chocolate that was “out of this world”!  It was good, but nothing great!  I was a little disappointed about the chocolate.  We probably chose the wrong shops!  Regardless, it was a fun day!

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