The best part about our visit to Brussels was happening upon a Tintin store!!  My boys love Tintin!  This was awesome!  It was not very big, but it was so mesmerizing and exciting for my boys!  There were books in different languages, t-shirts, collectable figurines, playing cards, etc.  It was so hard to decide which books my boys wanted to buy!  They had a good English selection to choose from!  We chose four books and we received a free Tintin bag that I know will be used for wall candy when we return to the States!  Plus, it was great reading for the remainder of our trip!  Bonus!2014-10-25 23.43.18 2014-10-25 23.43.33

I wish I would have picked up a few Christmas gifts while I was there!  Too many eyes on what was in the bag!!!!  This was a highlight of our trip for AJ, Austin and Tristan!

2 thoughts on “TINTIN

  1. Bonjour!
    Very few people even know about TinTin and Snowy. I didn’t learn about Herge’s works until I worked in a children’s book department. They are wonderful! (But usually overlooked).
    Which of the titles did you purchase? Did you already have any at home? What a great find from the country that honors their own artists!
    I purchased the Adventures of TinTin (DVD) in 2011. Now it has been announced that the “Prisoners of the the Sun” will come out in 2016. (Spielberg-producer)

    My father was in the 8th Armored Division during WWII. He literally marched through France, Belgium and Germany, though in a very different way from the way in which you are experiencing it. (During the winter no less) Dad was an artist and delighted in all types of art. I am surprised that I didn’t learn of Georges Prosper Remi (Herge) from him during his lifetime.

    Love your blog. Had to go and eat a Kit-Kat bar (left over from Halloween) after hearing about all your sweet and yummy treats! Watch a bobbin-lace demonstration for me while you are in Belgium. It is how they make their most beautiful works.
    Hope all is well with all!
    Hugs, Cynthia

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