Vianden, Luxembourg

After we spent an afternoon in Brussels we headed to Luxembourg.  In my research, I found a little village in the north of Luxembourg that housed one on the largest castles west of the Rhine River.  It was about a 4 hour drive from Brussels and we got to see a little of the countryside.  It was very overcast and foggy as we left Brussels, but we could still see far enough to enjoy the changing leaves across the hillsides.

Vianden Village is very small.  It has a few hotels, a hostel and a few bed&breakfast locations, but no campgrounds that were open at that time of year.  So, we “indulged” in a hotel.  I reserved two rooms to accommodate our family.  When we arrived, the rooms were on different floors and it seemed that we could squeeze into one room.  So after some negotiations, Aaron exchanged two rooms for an awesome “apartment” style room. It was so exciting for the children.  It had a spiral staircase going upstairs to a loft that slept two.  It had a kitchen, dining area, TV area, master suite, another bedroom for 2 and a nice bathroom.  We felt really spoiled after our “camping” experiences!

2014-10-26 06.51.02 2014-10-26 06.50.41 2014-10-26 06.50.34 2014-10-26 06.50.29

The best part were the views!  From most of the windows we had a perfect view of the Castle.  It was beautiful!

2014-10-26 06.25.112014-10-26 18.35.08 2014-10-26 18.35.18 2014-10-26 18.35.28

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