Vianden Castle

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“Vianden Castle was constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries on the foundations of a Roman ‘castellum’ and a Carolingian refuge. It is one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the romanesque and gothic periods in Europe. Until the beginning of the 15th century it was the seat of the influential counts of Vianden who could boast their close connections to the Royal Family of France and the German imperial court. Henry I of Vianden (1220-1250) is known as ‘the Sun Count’ for it is during his tenure that the holdings, lifestyle and influence of the House of Vianden reached its zenith. His ancestors were influential in the Ardennes, Eifel and Luxembourg regions for hundreds of years. 

His wife, Margarete of Courtenay, was of the French Royal Family, daughter of the Latin Emperor of Constantinople, sister-in-law to the King of Hungary and cousin to King Philip-Augustus. Margarete’s ancestors, included the Crusaders from the Houses of Flanders and Hainault, Henry’s and Margarete’s son, Frederic had served in the Fifth Crusade. In 1417, the dominion passed by inheritance to the House of Nassau, which, in 1530 collected the principality of Orange as well. From then on, the castle was no longer the official residence of the counts. People can still see the rich architecture the House of Nassau inherited, as no further modifications were made. 

The main construction parts of the castle which are preserved today, in particular the chapel and the small and large palaces, originate from the end of the 12th and the first half of the 13th century. The ‘Quartier de Juliers’ on the western side of the large palace (no longer existing today), originates from the beginning of the 14th century. The House of Nassau was only constructed at the beginning of the 17th century. 

In 1820, under the reign of King William I of Holland, the castle was sold piece by piece, and as a result, it fell into a state of ruin. It was a pile of rubble until the family of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg transferred it to State ownership in 1977. Since restored to its former glory, the castle now ranks as a monument of not only regional, but European importance.” (This information was taken from one of the brochures that was translated into english.)

The reason I have included this history synopsis is because inside the castle there is a large painted mural with the royal lineage or “family tree”.  It was fascinating to me and I wanted it recorded for my benefit!:)

We loved this castle!  The children were mesmerized by the weapons, armor, pottery, etc that were on display.  There was, also, a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, grand dining hall, a well, wine cellar, chapel and other miscellaneous rooms and items that were on display from the different time periods.  We were all fascinated and wanted to pretend! We were all using our imaginations as we walked the halls of this beautiful structure!  Jack kept talking about sword fighting and Sophie was enchanted with the “pink” bedchamber. We were the only ones in the castle except for a married couple.  It was awesome and beautiful!

The castle sits up on a hill above the village of Vianden.  The walk to get to the castle was delightful:  cobblestone streets lined with little quaint shops and homes!  Enchanting! Plus, the fog was just perfect the morning we woke up and made the ascent to the castle.  It couldn’t have been more pretty and fitting for our last day of vacation!  Enjoy the photos!

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2 thoughts on “Vianden Castle

  1. Hello Bishop Family!
    What great adventures!
    Hope you are taking your hard-metallic-wax brass-rubbing crayons (not crayons) and roll of brass-rubbing paper with you everywhere you go! If you are not familiar with this process, ask anyone in an art area about them. I believe Europeans are more familiar with this age-old process than Americans are.

    Other great souvenirs are post-cards for your album. Relatively inexpensive and don’t take up much space.
    When I go into art museums, I look at the postcards in the gift shop first, to determine which areas I will want to spend most of my time in. Also, it is fun to create alphabets based on the colors, shapes, style, feeling, etc. the images in the post-card bring to your mind.

    Hugs from eccentric Cynthia!

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