La Baume

On Saturday we were invited by Nathan and Jeremy Dargeunce to go to la Baume with them.  Nathan is living with his grandparents, Jean Louis and Aline, and Jeremy is recently divorced, living with his parents, Jean Louis and Aline.  They live in Poulx, which is a town on the other side of the river from Sanilhac.  We drove to their house and went on the trails on the south side of the Gardon.  The locals refer to the area as La Baume.  The trails are marked with this, La Baume.  We got to walk the 2km from the south side and we ended up on the other side of the river upstream a little.  It was cool.  Both of our families could have a rendez-vous at La Baume coming from different towns!  It is funny!  We will have to have a picnic one time and both of us meet at the bottom of respective trails!

When we arrived at the river all the males jumped into the FREEZING water except for Aaron.  Nathan and Jeremy were not going to have Aaron sit and watch.  So, as you can see from the below pictures, they picked Aaron up and threw him in!

DSC_0220 DSC_0221 DSC_0222


We were all laughing so hard!  It was awesome!  There were some cool looking caves from the location we were sitting.  Another day, another outing!

DSC_0223 AJ walking on water!DSC_0224 DSC_0225

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