I know we are almost a month past Halloween and tomorrow is Thanskgiving in the States, but I wanted to post about our Halloween experience, or lack of it!

Leading up to October 31th, I was noticing a few stores with a very limited supply of costumes.  There were no Halloween decorations covering every store front and display and there were hardly any pumpkins.  I asked a few local french friends and they said Halloween is not really celebrated.  The children had their first 2 week vacation from school during October 31st so we knew there would not be any school Halloween parties. Trick-or-treating is not done in our village of Sanilhac so…HORAAY, I did not have to buy any candy!!!!!!  That part I loved!

The local LDS missionaries in the Nîmes area put together a last minute ward party!  I thought this was a great way for these American young men to pass the time during a holiday that brings many traditions that might have them homesick!  Jack and Sophie dressed up in their costumes:  Sophie had one in her closet that we brought from the States and Jack had a Ninja costume we found last minute. (It was a huge challenge to find something for him.  We ended up with a black Ninja costume that was 2 sizes too big.) The little ones were excited but we weren’t quite sure what to expect!  The missionaries asked me to bring a dessert and BINGO.

We arrived at the church in Nîmes and had a great time.  It was a nice change to be gathering as a group of friends playing games and sharing talents!  The majority of French had never played Bingo or even knew how to play.  It was fun!  Then there was a bake-off. Man the competition was tough!  Some people were sharing delicious french desserts! It was great!  After this, we all enjoyed a talent show.  There was singing, clapping and dancing.  Jack, Sophie, Joseph and Emma Jerôme were the only dressed up children there.  They had fun together!

We have a wonderful African friend, Rene, who is a professional musician.  He brought his guitar and preformed for us and at one time we all were singing together.  I was so grateful we were enjoying something completely different for Halloween.  It made us all appreciate the traditions we have in America and also, grateful for new experiences!

2014-10-31 20.30.55

PS.  Our family didn’t even have one pumpkin this year! :(  It was sad!  I could not find any pumpkins until one day in the Carrefour there was a small box of them.  They were 4.50 Euros each!  I could not bring myself to buy one.  Plus, they weren’t even that big!  Oh well, I bought three chrysanthemums instead!  So, I still had the colors of fall right out our kitchen french doors!

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  1. I hope my cards added to the holiday!! Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving in some way? You will be miss at our family gathering here in Layton.

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