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We decided to take a trip to Italy while Julia and Alexis are still with us.  We left Tuesday around 11:30 from Nîmes and traveled to Pisa, Italy.  After we drove on the outskirts of Nice we began the route along the Mediterranean Sea coast.  The majority of this coastal route is tunnels and bridges.  We counted 175 tunnels, give or take a few!  175!!! Can I say that again? 175!!!!  We found it interesting because each tunnel had a name.  We counted the tunnels on the return trip from Pisa to France.  It was about 3.5 hours of tunnel after tunnel!

It was crazy!  Traveling South to Pisa, I felt like nothing was between me, the road, and the Sea.  I had to focus so hard so my vertigo would not kick in.  There were a few times my girls were cheering me on saying, “You got this Mom!”  They were so sweet!  They knew heights are an issue for me and being right next to the Sea and a couple hundred feet above the Sea, I needed encouragement!  I was having a hard time enjoying the view.

We had to drive two cars because our van here in France only seats 7 and we have 9.  We rented a smaller car and Aaron and I both drove.  It was a stressful and interesting experience to be driving in Europe.  Europeans drive fast and are “no nonsense” when it comes to the fast lane.  I learned how to drive on Long Island, New York, so I am no stranger to “no nonsense” driving, but this was a league of its own!  They will honk at you if you do not move over immediately.  They also turn their blinker on to let you know they are coming up behind you and you need to move.  You have to be so alert on the autoroutes here in Europe!  The toll booths are a whole other blog entry!

It’s not uncommon to be passed by a shiny red Lamborghini going over 100 mph!  This trip we got passed by two!  I could tell the boys’ jaws dropped when those suckers sped by as I looked in my rearview mirror to catch a glimpse of their reaction!  I would say that 80% of the time Aaron and I drive on the autoroute in Europe we get passed by a speeding red Lamborghini! :)

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3 thoughts on “Tunnels

  1. Glad you conquered the vertigo. I will look into what oils might help with that. Thanks for your blog – it is as if we are all on your trip with you – sort of!!!

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