Le Sapin de Noël

2014-12-11 03.09.16

This is our cute Christmas tree this year in France!  When we moved in July I did pack a few things from our Christmas collection.  Our advent calendar, our Christmas morning bell and our Christmas Eve “Birth of the Savior” story.  I have picked up a few ornaments from Italy and Estonia that hang so nicely on our little tree.  Also, I found a pretty little star to adorn the top of our tree.  I was shocked at how expensive the strand of lights were, about 12 Euros.

Our Christmas this year has already been so simple!  The children know they only will be getting a couple of presents, due to our lack of space and time here in France.  I am finding it interesting that my children’s Christmas Lists are not full of trendy unnecessary gifts this year.  They have not felt the pressure from their peers or classmates to have the “next best thing” or trendy article of clothing.  In fact, my kids have never been worried about that stuff but I do remember the constant “So-and-so has this or that!” They are happy with what they DO have and they are interested in gifts that will help them develop a talent or their area of interest!  I am a happy Mom!  Plus, it helps we really are limiting what we purchase while we are here in France and I realize how many things we have in the States that we do not need!  I hope I can remember this when we go back to the States!

We have Christmas markets and illumination shows to go see this Christmas!  It is all a new experience for all of us.  We are all missing the comfort of what we have been used to around the holidays in the States.  I am really grateful that no matter where we are, our family can celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  He is the reason we feel so much joy and love at this time of year.

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