We live in a small village of 800 residents.  Our village of Sanilhac is surrounded by vineyards and fields of crops.  There are horses and sheep grazing in the fields.  In fact, during a weeks time there were sheep grazing in a vineyard.  The owner set up a 2.5-3 foot chicken wire fence to barricade the sheep from leaving.  Some of the sheep had bells around their necks, so as I ran by this said vineyard, I could hear the herd of sheep even when I couldn’t see them.  The sound of a belled sheep is priceless and music to my ears!  It reminds me of simplicity!  The vineyard owners keep their vineyards meticulous and I think the sheep were helping “mow” the grass in between rows.

A few months ago, Jack, Sophie and I walked out of their school and across the street we noticed sheep grazing in the front yard of someones house!  Ha!  It was great!  All three of us just stood at their fence and watched the sheep as they were quietly “mowing” the lawn!  Well, today when I went to go get Jack and Sophie at lunch, the sheep were in the front yard again and I had to snap some photos.  Are family dreams of having sheep out our window and grazing in a nearby field, yard or pasture!  It reminds us of Anne Shirley and Avonlea!

2014-12-11 23.43.25 2014-12-11 23.43.42 2014-12-11 23.43.44 2014-12-11 23.43.56

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