She’s Home!!!

2014-12-15 23.49.16

My prelude to this post is that Julia is, sadly, not able to come home for Christmas!  She is an assistant manager at a new Dunkin Donuts coming to Logan in January and she is in the middle of training.  We all miss her so much and my heart breaks that she is not with us this holiday season!

Thankfully, Alexis is able to be home with us!  And she arrived yesterday afternoon!  It was a joyous reunion with lots of hugs, smiles and laughter!  Julia and Alexis got to see each other over the weekend because Alexis flew into Salt Lake on her way to France.  It makes me happy to know they got to see each other after Alexis’s first semester of college.  I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall with those conversations!!!  I love my girls so much and I am so blessed to have all three of them as daughters!  They are wonderful and I thank God everyday that they are apart of my life!  Poor Alexis is going to be jet lagged for awhile as Hawaii is 12 hours behind France.  But, we are so excited she is home and able to spend a month with us!  She has been spoiled with Hawaii weather as she is freezing here and the temperature is a sunny 59 degrees today!  We are all basking in the sunlight and she is curled up in blankets with jackets and scarves on!

3 thoughts on “She’s Home!!!

  1. Sophie’s face is adorable! Sad I missed Alexis coming through. And sad that she saw the state of Novalie’s bedroom. Ha! (you can’t see the floor….for reals.)

  2. Great Homecoming !!! Was thrilled I got to see her for a few hours. Love that girl !! Hope she comes back through this way when she returns to Hawaii.

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