Marché de Noël

Europe is known for their Christmas Markets or Marché de Noël!  Aaron and I visited the beautiful one in Tallinn, Estonia and the kids and I went to a little one in Uzès on Saturday evening.  I really wanted to get to Germany for one of their Christmas Markets but the timing was not right!

2014-12-13 06.51.17

The Uzès market was unfortunately a disappointment!  The weekly Uzès outdoor market is wonderful so I was expecting that same type of ambiance.  The merchants did not have a good selection of items and nothing was “Christmas-sy”!  The streets of Uzès were pretty with lights and pretty decorated trees along the sidewalks, but the market was thumbs down.

There was one part of town that had a few fair type booths set up.  One was bumper cars for little and big kids!  Jack and Sophie tried the bumper cars and we all loved watching them.  They had a look of panic on their faces at times, but overall it was so funny and they loved that feeling of driving their own car!  LOL!

2014-12-13 06.21.45 2014-12-13 06.22.56 2014-12-13 06.23.09 2014-12-13 06.23.44 2014-12-13 06.23.582014-12-13 06.24.04

Sophie had her face painted from earlier in the day when we went to their school Christmas party.  Also, during the market their were “circus” type performers in the streets. These women were dressed in enchanted forest/animal characters and a few were on stilts and a few were on the ground doing gymnastics, juggling, etc.  It was interesting. The kids that it was cool and different!

2014-12-13 06.35.082014-12-13 06.30.422014-12-13 06.32.032014-12-13 06.33.10

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