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In a previous post, I mentioned I only brought our Christmas advent calendar, our Christmas morning bell and our Christmas Eve “Story of the Birth of Christ” with us to France.  I knew I would have to be creative to have a few things that warmed up our home for the holidays.  First, I wanted a wreath but every time I would look I could only find small, expensive and tacky wreaths.  I was on the look out for one every time I would go out.  I checked the Christmas markets, the large hardware type store, the grocery store, etc. and I could not find anything.  I finally came across a bundle of Christmas tree branches being sold at a Christmas tree location.  BINGO!  It worked perfectly, because I was able to make three swags to decorate our home.  Two for the entrance to our house and one for the kitchen french doors that we use for our “front” door.

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After I found the extra tree branches I proceeded to find ribbon and things to decorate them up.  That was a challenge because I needed craft supplies and the craft store here is a little different.  It caters to artists/painters.  I actually ended up going to three or four different stores to find what would work.  I found a few things at a kitchen and home store, I found the “ribbon” at a party store and I had to find a glue gun, which I found at the hardware type store.  It took me hours to find everything for these cute swags.  I am so glad I searched for everything because it has been wonderful pulling up to our welcoming swags on our gates and front door!

IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2620

During my search for a wreath I came upon this beautiful poinsettia!  It only cost a small fortune but I couldn’t resist.  In America I always buy a lot of poinsettia’s to decorate our home and to add to the spirit of Christmas.  I love their beautiful bright colors and this mix of cream and red was breathtaking!

Another item or items we needed were Christmas stockings!  When Aaron and I were in Estonia I saw some hand knitted wool socks that would have been perfect.  At the time, I thought about buying some but decided against it.  After we came home, I regretted not getting 4 pair to hang up for Christmas.  Well, Aaron actually had to take a last minute weekend trip to Estonia the weekend Alexis was coming home.  It worked out perfectly! Aaron was able to find 4 pair of thick wool stockings and he met up with Alexis in Paris and they rode the train home to Nîmes!  The stockings worked great for Christmas!  Santa was able to fill them up and they might even get used as stockings when we venture to Switzerland in February!

2014-12-15 23.49.46 2014-12-15 23.50.02

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations

  1. How very festive and well worth your hours of shopping for supplies and creating. Do the French not decorate their homes like we do in America? If so, what are their decorations? I can’t imagine Christmas without all the outdoor lights and wreaths. Maybe we focus on all these secular signs of Christmas too much here in the States.

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