Sugar Cookies!


Our family has a tradition of making sugar cookies during the Christmas season.  It is usually the cookie that is made for Santa Clause.  This year I wanted to continue the tradition.  I did not bring my regular sugar cookie recipe with me to France so I began searching online for a good recipe.  I came across thealisonshow!  Anyone know who she is?  Apparently she is a crazy and fun blogger who does motivational/real life videos and instagram feeds.  Check her website out for some over-the-top laughs.  I found her “cookie party” video and was interested in her version of sugar cookies.  I found myself intrigued by her crazy way of doing things and minutes later Tristan, Austin and I were watching her sugar cookie demo.  LOL!

Well, I am happy to report that the $20 I spent for the recipe and information was worth every penny!  The cookies turned out delicious!  Again, I only had to go to a few stores to find the supplies I was looking for, but we were all so grateful we attempted the sugar cookies in France.  It is not hard to make these cookies in France, just not convenient! (For example, the icing recipe calls for light corn syrup.  This does not exist in our grocery stores here in France, so Aaron and I searched a few stores until we came across some pure cane syrup that works pretty good!)  It is hard to explain the inconvenience, but it is real!  In the end, we enjoyed every last bite and crumb and I know Santa did too! :)


3 thoughts on “Sugar Cookies!

  1. Yum!! Because Novalie had the flu this Christmas season, she and Dore’ did not make the traditional sugar cookies. They were surely missed. Your intrepidness continues on a daily basis with all you do in France to keep the traditions of your family plus develop new traditions.

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